Ways To Make And Save Some Extra Cash As A Stay At Home Mum

There are many ways through which you can make some extra money as a stay-at-home-mum. Honestly, it is not easy to manage on just a single wage and that is why many women are always in the search of how they can bring in some extra cash despite having another full time job – caring for their little ones. This may seem like a shame as being a stay-at-home-mum is without a doubt a challenging but rather valuable role that does not need any extras to be added on it. However, for most families, it is more about needs that have to be catered for and without the extra money, things can be rather tough.

If you are a woman who’s at home full time taking care of your young ones and are looking for ways through which you can earn some extra cash, then this article will be discussing some great options that you should consider, why they are great for mum’s like you and some of the areas they may potentially go wrong:

Acquiring a Franchise

Franchises like Diddance, Socatots, Tiny Talk and Tumble Tots are generally good for stay at home mums and dads as they have a good price range, are quite flexible, and can be as small or as big and also time consuming as suits. Such options as provide you an avenue to own a business without having to worry about the huge financial layout and the overall responsibilities that come with such. These options are basically set up for you and come with lots of support in place and are ideal for new business owners and stay at home parents. However, you need to beware of a couple of things. When acquiring a franchise, there is a lot of work that will be required in the initial marketing of the franchise. At the same, there is a lot of competition out there as more people are taking up this option to make some extra money by the side. Also, it is important to note that as your toddler grows, he or she may not be too compliant with all the tagging along.

Product Selling And Writting

If you are to profitably sell branded products like Kleenese and Avon, you will have to be very confident about the brands you are marketing and will have to get the word out that you have something to offer. Knowing lots of other mums could help but also selling door-to-door is a great way to advertise and sell the products you have. The great thing is that you could always tag your baby along as you deliver goods or hand out brochures. However, you need to beware as people will often not give the brochures back and your friends may start avoiding you if you become a hard-seller.

Party Planning

When considering party planning as an option to make some extra cash by the side, you should consider making a small, initial investment in collections like Virgin Vie, Usborne books, Jamie at Home, or Phoenix Cards and then showcasing these products to generate more orders. For little outlays, the profits can be rather good. Getting other mums to host parties could take some persuading; however, these can be done evenings and are often fun. You need to beware as most of the people who’ll come to such parties may end up not buying things you have up – like that sausage they fancied just the other night out.


Most mums think of childminding as a great way of actually being at home with their own little ones. And it actually makes sense considering that most homes with children are already set up in a way that allows for them to have fun and enjoy doing all sorts of children activities like playing with toys all day long. At the same time, minding other children means that their young ones will have company they can play and relate with. The great thing is that it does not take long to train for such an option and at the same time, you get financial assistance for watching over the kids. However, you need to be wary as your child or children may not be too happy with sharing you with others. Moreover, you need to be really well-organised when it comes to the food they eat, the toys they play with, and the state of your house. This option can be rather demanding and difficult.

Free Stuff & Coupon Sites

You can save money by finding top free stuff and free sample UK sites aswell as find coupon sites, you can find lots of offers online for big brands.
There you have it, 5 great options with their advantages. There are many others but we will be discussing those in a future post.

Grandparenting by Vanessa

Every adult has a different personality and shows their love, affection and interest in a different way. With that said I do think that every Grandparent should abide by these super important rules. Feel free to take notes! 😉 Look at me Miss Know it All 😉

#1 Hugs & Kisses & Cuddles

Cuddles reading a book together, HUGE bear hugs as you see them for the first time in a while, big kisses on the cheeks. Physical affection is important. I had a very serious very manly very cowboyish Grandpa would isn’t like me who likes to gives big wet sloppy kisses on the lips and hug my kids to death. BUT all the pictures I look of him and I we are reading books together squished up tight, he is sitting as close as he can to us and boy those WELCOME HERE hugs they felt the best. Everyone is different with physical affection but it needs to be there.

#2 Spoiling

Sneaking cookies or candy so Mom can’t see. A special birthday cake. A new toy sitting on their bed. Playing WHATEVER they want for hours. Packages in the mail and special trips when they come to visit. And as the Mom I just get to zip it and let go and let the Grandparents do their very important spoiling business!

#3 Talking

I know my parents will cringe when I say this but…I remember talks with my Grandparents a lot more than with my parents. Their patience and how interested they were in you. Boy that felt good! And the advice they gave SOMETIMES I listened. I still remember my sister Sarah and I fighting like cats and dogs. My Mom would have it up to here and call her Mom who would talk to us. I could listen to Grandma but of course not my Mother. (sorry Mom) She wasn’t already frustrated with dealing with me and said everything in a soothing but firm voice. My Grandma is the one I would call late at night in Boston with my husband travelling almost the whole month long. She is the one who would talk to me for hours and hours and it made me feel so good.

#4 Telling Them How it IS and WILL Be

You know some of my good characteristics and things that are the most important to me are the things that my Grandparents INSISTED on. Oh yes you DO sing in church. And so help me you have good handwriting. And you say THANK YOU when someone does something nice for you. You stay away from evil things and don’t you dare watch bad movies. YES MAM! And thank you for having the spunk to tell me HOW IT IS AND WILL BE. That is ok for Grandparents to do to.

#5 Remember and MISS YOU

Do things that will help them remember you. They don’t have to be extravagant or cost a lot of money or drain all your energy for days and days. Are they going to remember how you always like to hold their hand as you go on walks? How you let them sit in your big old truck and honk the horn all you want? Or how you stayed up late with them reading them fairy tales every night you were in town? Give them all you have when you see them and then rest later. Guess what? Grandparent time IS kind of selfish time. Those kiddos deserve to soak in YOU and only YOU and tire you out so you sleep for 2 days straight when you finally get back home. No saying Grandma is tired or maybe later. Read those books, go on those walks, color with pudding and stay up late giggling. The time is going to go by so incredibly fast. It does for us as Mothers, I can’t imagine how fast it goes for Grandparents.

Oh goodness me look I am bawling, I miss my Grandparents. I wish they didn’t have to go so soon.

Boy my girls are lucky to have the perfect Grandparents on Earth, someday they will know how lucky they are.

My Kids Are Addicted To Tech! By Rebecca

If these were Scrabble tiles, what could you spell?

The other night my son, his friend and myself had a nice game of Scrabble going. Or at least they thought we did. I felt like a petulant child as they set there at the table with me and texted to some friends and family members while moving their tiles around to spell a word. To me it was a very boring and annoying game. I could have played it totally by myself and had more fun.

If I had had the above tiles I would have spelled: TURN IT OFF.

I have now banned cell phones from the dinner table and game night. I will not even attempt to talk to my son if he is sitting in front of a computer screen. Watching some TV with him the other night while he was on Facebook, I switched stations and he wasn’t even aware.

Fortunately, he is my last one home and he is almost out the door on his own. I will miss him but not the competition I feel with today’s technology. But I can’t help but wonder how parents with a house full of children are dealing with the invasion of technology and still managing to communicate and have family time together. Can it be done?

Somehow it has too. Somehow we need to find a way to use the advances in technology to improve our lives, help our families and make us smarter and faster without destroying our families.

Please, dear readers, let’s hear from you. How do you spell TURN IT OFF?

Family Time And Technology, by Cindy

I just recently started texting. I always thought it was just another distraction and a bother and wasn’t for me. But I have to admit that it is so convenient and I thoroughly enjoy it. When I just want to share a short little something or maybe just ask a quick question to my sister or friend I just text them. It saves me time actually not having to make those sometimes long phone calls to get an answer to one question.

Now, I see it as being a benefit and something positive for my life, but I am also not a teenager that feels the need to text all my friends every day and all day. I simply have a handful of people I text only from time to time. Do I think that some teenagers are completely out of control sometimes? Absolutely I do! So if we allow our children to have these fun gadgets– ipods, cell phones, facebook, etc., we need to make sure there are rules for them to follow, so they don’t get out of hand. Rules that help them to continue being courteous to others, but also rules that help them to keep balance in their lives.

There are rules that are simply encouraging common courtesy. Should we be texting while having a conversation with someone? Should we bring these gadgets to the dinner table? To church? A while ago I picked up a young woman to have her come babysit my children for the evening. And as we were driving to my house and I was “attempting” to have a conversation with her, she just continued on texting. It really bothered me. It got me thinking and so I started to watch and notice how often teenagers are texting away and not being mindful or courteous of others. Not all of our calls or text messages need to be answered right away. A response can usually wait a little while. But if it is one that needs to be answered right away, we need to politely and kindly excuse ourselves momentarily.

There are also rules that will help kids learn how to balance these fun tools of technology with what is most important. I don’t have kids with ipods or cell phones yet, but that day is drawing closer and closer. But just like the computer or X-Box games that our kids like to play right now, there has to be rules and limitations. We have family time on Monday nights and we have a lot of family time on Sundays. It’s important to us that we eat dinner together as a family. These times are so important for us to really connect and converse with our children, to be good listeners, to ask questions and to understand what is going on in their lives. But if we let them do whatever they wanted to all the time, how many of our children would seek us out and tell us what’s been going on in their lives? If we allowed our children to have free reign over when they use these fun gadgets, would we have these opportunities to reconnect with them? It is vital that we set rules in our home and with our children so that these tools of technology can be used appropriately. There is a proper time and place for all of these to be used for communication and for really great fun, but we need to always remember and me mindful of what is truly most important to us…..our families.

Health and Wellness By Linda

When I was given the topic of health and wellness, I laughed out loud. I think I’m probably one of the last people on earth with any business talking to other people about what it means to be healthy. A child could opine more reasonably on the topic than I could. I simply don’t consider myself to be a particularly healthy person. Isn’t that a
horrible thing to admit?

It’s not just an issue of weight, although I should probably lose a few pounds. It’s more that in general, I’m not very good at taking care of myself or treating myself well. I’m not even sure I know how. But it certainly isn’t for a lack of advice on the topic.

Much of what my mother has told me over the years has had to do with self-care. “Be careful,” she’d say. Or, “Don’t stay up too late.” Or,“Don’t forget to put on sunscreen.” Or, “Make good decisions.” And I’d roll my eyes, annoyed that my own mother didn’t seem to think I had the sense to take care of myself. The older I got, the more my eyes
rolled at her never-changing advice that said to me that she thought I was an absolute idiot.

But as I got older, I realized that I am a bit of an idiot. I realized that, in fact, I hadn’t a clue how to take care of myself. My idea of a weight-loss plan was to stop eating for a few days until my pants fit better. And if I slipped up, I’d beat myself up for what I saw as a lack of willpower or control. It wasn’t enough for me that I usually fit in all of my fruit and vegetable servings. It wasn’t enough to exercise 5 days a week. All I could focus on was the times I had a third slice of pizza, or the times I was too tired to work out. I simply couldn’t let my failures go. In my mind, health was an
all-or-nothing deal, and if I didn’t do it all, I was a failure.

My go-big-or-go-home attitude resulted in, among other things, an unplanned pregnancy. Suddenly I had to reassess my philosophy and my well-being. I’ve never been healthier than I was when I was pregnant. I ate well and exercised and got plenty of sleep. I felt wonderful. And none of it was for me. Every healthy thing I did was for the sake
of the life growing inside of me. I did it for her. My efforts were rewarded with the birth of a beautiful, healthy baby girl. But when I placed her for adoption, my incentive to take care of myself was gone. My little girl was taken care of. It hardly seemed to matter whether I was.

Except that I’m someone’s little girl. I’m just as important to my mother as my little girl is to me. I knew that I would hate to think of her growing up and treating herself the way I treated myself. Slowly, ever so slowly, I’ve started to change the way I think about my health and my body. The most important thing I’ve been doing is learning to let things go.

Health is a matter of moderation. It’s about doing good enough, enough of the time, and not worrying about the mistakes we make here and there. If I have a day where I overindulge, it’s okay. It isn’t going to make me gain back the weight I’ve lost. I’m not going to get out of shape by taking a few days off from exercise. If I have a bad day,
that does not make me a bad person.

I’m not perfect, but I don’t need to be. I am good enough. And that realization feels better than fitting into my skinny jeans ever could.

Family Time vs. The World of Technology, by Vanessa

Hi, my name is Vanessa and if I don’t watch myself I become addicted to technology very easily and my family suffers.

It is like this CONSTANT battle with me. Often, it ends up in unplugging for a week at a time and once a month.

When I am online too much…that means with work or blogging or facebook or wasting time surfing or hurrying to meet deadlines…it doesn’t make me feel good. I get snippy and withdrawn and tired and…….blahish.

Wait, did that description sound like a teenager? Oh my goodness, did I just say that phrase that I LIVIDLY hated when I was younger?

Yes I just did. And its not true because all ages can get sucked in. Even young mothers.

You know when I feel really good? When I have very clear limitations that I…80% of the time keep…about when and how much I can be online. What feels good is talking to people face to face; playdates, lunches with friends, checking on a neighbor, going to an activity. What feels good is lots of time spent outside with the girls hiking or reading or field trips. What feels good is date nights and sitting next to my husband late at night both reading books. What feels good is friends who still use the PHONE who I can chat with to feel connected.

I feel like it’s ok if, in my down time instead of watching TV or reading a book, I can look at pictures or read blog posts! People sometimes even snicker when I tell them what I do for a living, but it’s what I do and it requires a certain amount of time online.

Clear limitations, rules for myself and sometimes just unplugging technology is what works for me!

It’s not just the kids or teenagers that have become addicted to technology. Sometimes its the parents as well. And guess what? Those darn kids always learn by example.

Friday Journal: Sharon’s Quest for Balance

Lately I have had more and more days where I feel like there is not enough time for me to get done all that needs to be done. Not only is there not enough time, but sometimes I don’t have the energy. I have great energy for most of my day, then I feel myself crashing at about 9 or 10pm!!! “If only I could go full throttle until midnight and do well on 4 or 5 hours of sleep”….this is what I say to myself lately, but I just can’t do it.

I absolutely have to start eliminating, cutting back, saying no and sometimes just simply prioritizing the things in my life. My husband made a comment to me the other night that really made me think about how I really do have too much on my plate. And me, being my stubborn self started saying out loud, “Well, it’s not like I can eliminate this, or this, or that, or even that…..” and boy, was I frustrated. Because I am busy doing GOOD things, things that have to be done too!!!

So I am out to discover how to have more balance and not feel so overwhelmed at times. I have a lot of ideas and have been working on a couple things to help me along in this quest. I will be touching base and letting you know how these ideas are either helping or maybe not helping me. I am also hoping to come up with more ideas as I learn about balance in my life. This is definitely not something I think I can master anytime soon, but it’s something that has been on my mind a lot lately and I know right now is the time for me to understand more about balance and how to have more of it in my life. I will definitely be sharing with you how it all goes!

Family Time vs. Scheduled Activities, by Cindy

I love dinner time! Aside from the fact that I love food, I just love being with my family and getting caught up on what went on with them on that particular day. I love when we have evenings with just not a whole lot going on. And I especially love when my kids are reading quietly in their beds nice and early and get to sleep at a decent time.

But that doesn’t happen very often in our home. Between piano, scouts, youth activities, basketball and Troy’s sometimes busy evening schedule, we rarely see quiet evenings where we can spend good, quality time together. But we pretty much always have 1-2 nights a week where we set aside those evenings to have that quality time.

If it isn’t planned and scheduled, then it won’t happen. Life gets too busy and sometimes we let the ones we love the most suffer the most. Planning a specific evening for quality family time is vital to keeping a family strong and communicating well. For us it is Monday night and usually Sunday night too. But sometimes those have to be switched out and changed based on what is going on for that particular week or season.

The activities that I choose to have my kids involved in are important. Sometimes we can overburden our kids with just too much. That can often lead to something suffering, whether it’s school, friends, family life, or maybe even our children just feeling inadequate. I think it’s important to look at what our children are involved in. Is this something they enjoy? Are they learning a good skill or hobby from this activity? Is this right for my child at this time? Can they keep up with the things that are most important, like academics and family time and even some down time?

We know what is best for our children. We also know how important it is that we spend quality time together as a family. I was once told a while ago that I better get used to change and even sometimes changing things at the last minute, especially with a large family….. and that is so true. If we value the importance of family, make family time a priority, and learn to be flexible, we will come to find what works best for our family.

Friday Journal- Cindy’s Quest for Balance

So the quest is ongoing!!! But there are a few things that I have been trying to do really hard in the past little while that make a big difference…… “IF” I actually do them.

The first one is to have a plan. Have a plan for the day, for the week and for the month. Most of us have our plans basically drawn our for us already in the form of work schedule, and all of the other needs that require our attention. But any “free” time or time that your are not committed to something, try to plan out then what is going to be best there.

My husband and I are becoming better and better at sitting down to calendar out our month. It used to only be required for the month, but now we are having to do it a week at a time too. This has been big for me to help me find more balance in my routine. I can visually see my day and week laid out in front of me and that helps me see where I can put more time into this or that and sometimes even where I need to do less. I have days that are jam packed, minute to minute. On those days I know ahead of time that I cannot take on anything else. And there are days that I have maybe a little bit of flexibility, so on those days I try to get ahead in a specific area or plug in what I feel is best on that day.

There are so many different levels of balance, but as you can see, I have been trying to work on balancing my time lately. When I have things planned out, organized, and prepared is when I’m feeling on top of it all, like it’s manageable. So for right now I’m taking baby steps with balance. Planning, preparing and getting organized is what’s helping me to feel more balanced in my life right now.

Why Do I Have to Go to Church? by Sharon

Why do I have to go to Church?

Well I’m not sure how to give advice to this question. Attending church was just expected in our home and part of our lives. And I think our children didn’t dare try not going. But I sometimes wondered when they were over eighteen and driving if they ditched sometimes.

When our children were young we just went to church. Even on vacation. We made it a top priority. We didn’t give them a choice. After they turned eighteen church attendance was up to them. And they attended a young adult ward. Our daughter was nervous to attend by herself and usually went with friends. When our son graduated from high school he attended the young adult ward with his sister. Over time he became more involved but didn’t attend all the extra activities.

This time after high school graduation is scary for a parent. You need to let go and let your children make their choices and live with the consequences. We are grateful our children have continued to choose to attend church and make it priority in their lives.